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The Montgomery Regional Workforce Training Center will be operated by AIDT in partnership with several entities including the Montgomery Public Schools, Alabama Community College System, ATN, AUM, the Department of Education, and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.OneCenterPlace web

The MRWTC is housed at the OneCenter, 2913 East South Boulevard, Montgomery, Alabama, formerly the Montgomery Mall.

All available resources will be used to accomplish the goals and initiatives of the MRWTC.  The ultimate goal is to provide entry-level training, existing employee upgrade training, two-year technical college level training, and K-12 career training to adequately supply businesses with a trained workforce for the Montgomery region.

Companies/Businesses must register as a client on this website, under Client Services, in order to take advantage of the training offered at the MRWTC. 

The MRWTC will provide training in three categories: Information Technology, Manufacturing Fundamentals, and Workforce Skills training. These areas have been identified as the most critical and in-demand in the region. Click on either of the course topics below for more information on that particular career path. 

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  • Information Technology

    Computer skills/programming

  • Manufacturing Technology

    Specialized training for the manufacturing industry

  • Workforce Skills Training

    Softskills training for non-management and management-level employees