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Machining Fundamentals Training

The Machining Fundamentals Training is a five-week course designed for the "General Public". These courses are taken after the Workforce Skills training course. The Machining Fundamentals Training comes in two levels, Core and Advanced. Individuals must complete the Workforce Skills Training before entering into the Machining Fundamentals Training.

Basic Machining CORE Training

Week One

  • Manufacturing Math
  • Precision Measurement
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Geometrical Dimensional Tolerances
  • Forklift

Week Two

  • OSHA 10
  • Hand Tools
  • Lathe Orientation/Safety
  • Mill Orientation/Safety
  • Review

Trainees must attend all of the classes in the two-week, Machining Fundamental Core Training Program.  After completing the two-week program, trainees will:

  • Receive a basic certificate
  • Become eligible for our hiring pool, and
  • Advance to the Machining Fundamentals Advanced Training Program

Machining Fundamentals Training

Week Three

  • Cutting Speeds
  • Cutting Feeds
  • Tooling purpose and identity
  • Operational/Process Planning
  • Review

Week Four

  • Lathe Maintenance
  • Lathe Parts
  • Lathe Accessories
  • Indicating 4-Jaw Chuck/Review

Week Five

  • Mill Maintenance & Parts
  • Accessories
  • Head Alignment
  • Vise Alignment

Trainees who successfully complete the Machining Fundamentals Training will receive a Machining Certificate and will be the first to be selected for review by our partnering companies.