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How to register as a client

In order to sign up students for classes, a company MUST be a registered client of the MRWTC. Companies may register as a client by clicking on "Client Services" then clicking on "Client Registration". Please complete all the fields listed on the page.  There are 3 tabs, in blue, of information to complete, Contact Info, Company Information, and Alternate Contact Person.

Contact Information

This should be the individual who will be logging into the website and registering students for class. (Your username and password will need to be shared with your alternate contact person, if you assign someone)

Company Information

This is the name of your company and mailing address information

Alternate Contact Person

This should be an additional person who can register students. They will need to log into the website with the username and password set by the contact person. (Assigning an alternate is not required.

Once you have submitted your registration, you should immediately receive an email at the email address you entered. It is important to click the link provided in the email to verify your email address. Our administrators will be notified of a new registration ONCE you have verified your email by clicking on that link. Once you have been approved, you will receive a second email stating that you are now a registered client.  Once you are approved, you can start signing up for classes.

There are two places where registered clients can log in, at the top right of each page, and at the right hand side of the page entitled, "Book a Class".

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Enter your username and password to gain access onto the website.  This will give you rights to register for a class.

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Before you can register your students for classes, you must first become a registered client. To register as a client, click on this button

Sign up to be a Client 

Complete the registration form and submit. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration by clicking on the furnished link. Once you have confirmed your registration, the MRWTC administrative staff will be notifed and your requets wll be reviewed. When your request is accepted, you will receive a welcome email. You will then be able to log into the website to register your employees for available classes.